SCREAM HELLO: Smart & Stupid!: CDEP

Jul 25, 2008

I guess this is a good sign as any that there’s still a degree of segregation between all these little different “scenester/sub-genre/whatever you want to call it,” because I think I see a fair amount of shows in New Brunswick NJ, where these dudes are from, and I’ve only heard their name come up on the internet. This particular EP looks like a teaser for an upcoming full length, with four songs that kind of sound like that “emo”/pop punk that you used to see come out on Jade Tree, in the sense that it’s really polished, and gets kind of arty, for lack of a better word—I kind of prefer New End Original. It’s not bad, but to have four songs last almost twenty minutes just seems way overkill, in my opinion.

 –joe (Red Leader)