SCREAM: Complete Control Sessions: 10” EP

Nothing warms the ol’ black heart more than when a band that was once the toast of the town releases something brand spankin’ new—and voila!—they’re again the toast of the town. Scream was one of them DC hardcore bands you just couldn’t fuck with, a premier demolition unit that could thrash, dub, punk, and riff circles around damned near all comers. After releasing a slew of classic tuneage (if you don’t believe me, drop the needle on Still Screaming and see if you ain’t bouncing off the walls in seconds), the band threw in the towel in 1993. Reforming again with damned near the entire original lineup intact in 2010, this is their first subsequent release, recorded at former drummer Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. The result is seven tracks that, while nowhere near the velocity of classics like “U. Suck A.” or “Solidarity,” showcase a band that not only knows how to milk a great riff for everything it’s got, but clearly is still working ahead of the curve and can blow bands a third their age right out the fucking door. Anthemic without sounding like they’re trying, rife with hooks meticulously anchored into a number of different influences, the songs here are often so great-googly-moogly good that one can’t help but envision an entire room full of happy, sweaty hordes singing their noggins off along to “Get Free” and “Elevate” for decades to come. Yeah, these “reunions” of bands can be dicey, but this is one band that is firing on all cylinders, and it’s so good to have ‘em back.

 –jimmy (Sideonedummy)