SCRAWL, LE: Too Short to Ignore: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Grindcore can get monotonous at times. Like any genre, someone comes along and makes things interesting. Imagine eating a handful of gummy bears, down it with a large cup of coffee, followed with two chili dogs, a cobb salad, popcorn and warm beer. Go to any carnival or amusement park and go on any ride that spins. When you go into full g-force spins, projectile vomit toward the center of the ride and for a split second what appears in the middle is physically what this German band plays musically. To give music references, I would say, take your typical grindcore with cookie monster vocals, add some acid jazz, some ska and love for R&B and it still doesn’t describe it. Most grindcore has an evil, angry tone to the music. This band reverses the formula to make the music sound almost happy. I could picture the band with their keyboard player and horn section on stage smiling while playing their material. Surreal. Another reference Matt Average gave me about this band was “along the lines of No Less or Plutocracy, but darker.” This is supposed to be a complete discography of released, demo and live tracks from 1990 - 1999. Sixty-six tracks in total. I first heard of this band from my brother. The band was a on comp titled Rotten Fake! with Agathocles and Seven Minutes of Nausea. The tracks were cover songs of De La Soul, The Exploited, Terrorizer, Chic and the Mission Impossible theme song. I was hooked but never ran across any of their releases. I noticed my friend’s distro had the discography in stock, so, I snapped it right up. I can’t wait for more to come my way! Truly twisted!

 –don (Life Is Abuse)