SCRAWL, LE: Eager to Please: CDEP

Apr 16, 2009

I had the pleasure of experiencing this band in a live setting here in jolly old LA recently. I can’t believe this band from Germany is playing in LA! They have been around for ten years and I believe they are stepping on these shores for the first time. I’m wasn’t going to miss it for the world! It’s truly amazing to see a band play with so much precision and pull off what is produced in a studio. I purposely waited until after the gig to listen to this CD. I wanted to be charged when I got to preview the new songs. I was not disappointed. Thirteen songs of Cookie Monster-induced grindcore mixed with acid jazz, keyboard, sax, and sheerly ingenious song structures. Who knows what the hell these guys actually sing about? The singer could be mumbling about how he got his cat to toss his salad. No one would know. But the songs are infectious and truly outside the box in design. It almost sounds like nursery rhymes. I grin like a flatulent man after a good round of expelling fumes of unknown digestive nature while listening to their music. I highly recommend this band when you need to be challenged or want to see what a commercial band like System of a Down would sound like if they took their weirdness to a level of LSD-induced Disney reality. I do have to make my whiney cry, though. Why did I have to get a CD-R instead of the real thing? The label sent the real packaging.

 –don (Life is Abuse)