Jan 19, 2016

At first I was a bit irked by the blank labels on the record, forcing me to read the etching on the vinyl to determine which side was supposed to be which. This was compounded by the layout on the back of the jacket not being clear as to which tracks were for which band, compelling a bit of detective work on my part to figure out definitively. I was finally able to locate the EP on one of the band’s Bandcamp pages. Germany’s Needle Exchange turned out to actually be on side A of the record, not side B, as the insert appeared to indicate. Detective work complete, I was able to turn my attention to the music. Needle Exchange play some damn catchy fuzzed-up and jangly punk’n’roll! Their two tracks definitely made me want to check out more of this band. The U.K.’s Scraps are musically as catchy as Needle Exchange. I wasn’t particularly stoked on their lyrics, but damn they have some great leads! I also appreciated the front cover image of each band’s name with a corresponding World War II aircraft from their respective nation. It was a neat way to set each band apart, while at the same time creating a bit of a battle of the bands-esque rivalry. Issues with labeling aside, this 7” is worth checking out. Both bands were good, but I’m definitely the bigger fan of Needle Exchange.

 –Paul J. Comeau (No Front Teeth)

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