May 21, 2010

This band is fronted by Sterling Selover, who is the creative mastermind behind this project. How do I know for sure? Because he plays guitar and handles vocals. He also plays keyboards on four of the six songs on this EP. He wrote all the songs. All the lyrics and melodies were by him. He is also the “executive producer” of this release. I have never seen a band member’s name mentioned so much in the liner notes. The sticker on the front tells me that “track one” is the hit single. Being the diligent reviewer that I am, I listened to more than the first song. I really should be getting hazard pay for having this overproduced emo schlock in my possession. Unless you like over-emoting cock rock bands like Creed and Three Doors Down, this is not the band you are looking for. This is not a CD you  need. No Jedi mind trick needed to avoid this one. Ugh!

 –koepenick (Self-released)