Awesome, primitive, caveman punk rock from the school of The Spits. How embarrassing to discover that this great band is from my own city, San Francisco, and it took a Reno, Nevada record label sending a CD to a Los Angeles zine for me to discover them. Darker and more desperate than The Spits, which makes total sense given the dark times that we rock and rollers are going through just trying to “scrape” by in the most expensive city in the country. (Sidebar: Bring it on, San Andreas. Scare these fucking khaki shorts and flip-flop-wearing rich tech bros away!).Misery is a wonderful record from front to back, and a refreshing new entry into the great canon of San Francisco punk rock. Gonna have to check The List and see when these local biblical heroes (two of them are named Noah and Moses, after all) are playing next. 

 –Chad Williams (Slovenly,