SCRAP KIDS: All That I Can’t Be: CD

Jan 11, 2013

Folk punk? Or is this just the latest installment of the bevy of acoustic punk sans percussion? Either way, I do like this sound on occasion (although I’m becoming a bit weary that this watershed has not yet been plugged) and I do like this record. In both music and lyrics, it reminds me a lot of Wingnut Dishwashers Union and similar Silver Sprocket releases, but it’s less diverse in the tuneage. The insert has written on it, boldly, “Militant rudeboy. Vegan fury,” which made me laugh derisively until the proverbial milk came out my nose. (There’s your vegan fury!) Either way, I liked it, and I’ll keep it around and enjoy it. On occasion.

 –Eric Carlson (Gox)