Jan 20, 2011

Final release from this Chicago-by-way-of-Peoria band. Singer/guitarist Jared Grabb kept this group together, mostly as a three piece, since 2002. It’s heavy rock with thick-as-molasses guitar riffs, chunky bass, and plodding drums. “Vultures” and “Arise” finds Grabb baring raw emotions for all to see with a jarring effect. “Sweating through Our Days” is about drinking—a lot. The record ends with “Punk Ltd.,” which could almost be the band’s anthem. The one misstep on the CD is the thirty-minute bonus track, which is the same chord played over and over again. Lame. But there is an in-depth DVD included with this package. It details the band’s history and numerous line-up changes. There are some good extras here as well. The band’s German tour of 2008 is documented by the band playing in abandoned subway stations and bomb shelters, which looked pretty tight. Don’t be eating food while watching “Jose’s Story” however. I almost threw up a little in my mouth. Thanks, dudes!

 –koepenick (Thinker Thought)