SCOTT DUNBAR: From Lake Mary: CD

Sep 22, 2009

This is mud-swirled Mississippi-swamp blues that colorfully conjures Delta South images of catfish and cane-poles, alligators lazily baskin' on steamin' slices of sunbaked sandbars along the river's mosquito-infested edge, dragonflies precariously buzzin' through the thick'n'heavy mugginess of summer's late-afternoon air, an effervescent flurry of lightning bugs delicately illuminating the hushed solitude of dusk, a lovelorn whippoorwill sweetly crooning a passionate heart-stirring song in the distant calm of late evening's darkness, and a lantern-lit breeze-swept scenario of drinkin' home-brewed hooch and smokin' a corncob pipe while sittin' on the stoop of a bayou shack's front porch and reverently absorbin' the surrounding sights and sounds. Mr. Dunbar's garbled grandpappy scarecrow vocals, frenzied smokestack sizzlings of downhome'n'charming guitar pickins, and bootheel-tappin' feverish zeal cause my ears to broadly smile and brightly glow forevermore. Man, this moves me every which way possible...

 –guest (Fat Possum)