SCOTCH GREENS: Professional: CD

Nov 10, 2008

In the same way The Pogues and The Dolomites (and even the Real McKenzies, if you want to stretch the analogy a bit) have built off the foundations of Irish and Scottish ballads, the Scotch Greens have done the same with American country. More rooted in bluegrass and country traditions (as opposed to, like, rawk) than bands like The Lazy Cowgirls and the Supersuckers, these guys have a pretty unique thing going on here. It’s generally urgent and up tempo and tight as shit, with galloping drums, banjo, and an occasional organ fighting for dominance over guitars that stay amped up in the double digits nearly the entire record. If you’re familiar with bands like Duck Duck Gray Duck and The Dickel Brothers then you’re in the ballpark; it’s just that the Scotch Greens are like the younger brother of those two groups, a kid who still loves the Misfits a little bit more than Merle Haggard, a kid who just can’t stop stepping on the distortion pedal and steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that people who wear duck’s ass haircuts and roll their cigarette packs into their shirtsleeves look silly. Liked this one a lot more than I thought I would.

 –keith (DRT)