SCISSORFIGHT: Mantrapping for Sport and Profit: CD

Mar 19, 2002

I guess this could be correctly categorized as scum-metal madness and mayhem, but to be perfectly honest, I hear waaaaay too much of this shit around town to even consider giving it a second listen. No offense meant to Scissorfight, though, ‘cause they proficiently and energetically tear it up somethin’ fierce on this here devil-dog of a disc, but it just ain’t my bottle of brew, so therefore I can’t fuckin’ be bothered with it. If ya dig a maniacal bit of Ministry crossed with Soundgarden’s grungey roar, Black Sabbath’s dark’n’decadent instrumental delivery, and the robust fiery expulsions of Satan’s flatulence, then Scissorfight is certainly the band for you. But not me, bub, so I will now loudly crank the Link Wray compilation that Santa brought to me this past Christmas (HoHoHumbug and up yers!).

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Tortuga)