SCIENCE POLICE: You’re under Arrest in the Future: 7”EP

May 08, 2013

I don’t blame Science Police. In the buffet of life, I’m just really, really full of light, wafer-thin pop punk. It’s not their fault. Their songs are pretty much flawless: tight harmonies, equal bites of the pink frosted donut of the Parasites, Connie Dungs, Unlovables, all sprinkled with the bright colors of Dirt Bike Annie. There’s even a nice, kelpy little weave of organ coming in and out. They aimed at the target, made the band they wanted to make, and hit the bull’s eye with a professional calm and efficiency. I’m just not that interested. All the eighteen years of reviewing records that I’m so-so on has just backed up on me. Sorry.

 –todd (Bloated Cat,