SCHOOL JERKS: Self-titled: EP

May 20, 2010

Gawwwwwwwd damn! The best record I’ve had the chance of reviewing this issue! Raw hardcore punk that reminds me of early Black Flag (a comparison I don’t make often—do your research if you doubt me) with the guitar sound and the sinister way it all plays out. The vocals are seriously killer, totally spat out and foaming-at-the-mouth style. Sounds like someone throwing a shit fit, and they’re so mad the words are a series of splats, blats, and bluhs. Not that cheesy Cookie Monster grindcore growling shit, either! This is the real deal hardcore punk rock. Worthy of repeated listens and phone calls to your friends; “Dude, you gotta get this record!! Seriously!” type conversations. I hear this is their second EP, and that half of them are from TerminalState. Huh?!?! Never mind all that. Get this and crank it the hell up! One of the better records to be released in some time. Definitely worth driving to a record store for, or even going to some shitty show and rummaging distro boxes to get.

 –M.Avrg (Cowabunga,