SCHOOL JERKS: Self-titled: LP

Nov 20, 2012

Ever since their first EP, I’ve been wondering if and when these hereSchool Jerks would put together a long player. Well, it took a couple more EPs I believe, and we finally have twelve hefty inches in our hands. Indeed, baby! This record is exactly along the same lines as their previous efforts. Pretty much what I was hoping for, since I always wanted to hear more from their short, short seven inches. Even live, when they played here with Cülo a couple years back, the set was a chaotic blast, and... well, short. This record is a smidge longer and definitely worth the wait. Somewhere between early Black Flag and Sick Pleasure. The vocals have a nasally sound with a disturbed growl. The guitars sound scratchy and gritty, and you can hear the drums stumbling and racing through the mess. Though they come from the frigid wastelands of Canada, you would think they live in Los Angeles, circa 1981. Kind of fast, but not really, though the urgency and tension create this auditory illusion of speed. It’s mostly mid-tempo and the songs sound gloriously filthy! Yep, they’re that fucking great. I wish they would come back to Los Angeles.

 –M.Avrg (Grave Mistake,

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