SCAVENGERS, THE: Self-titled: LP

This is a raw ‘77 punk relic from New Zealand. The Scavengers are high energy all the way, with heavy Buzzcocks snot. This release combines The Scavengers’ offerings for the seminal New Zealand compilation AK-79, along with other studio tracks and a few songs recorded after a name change to The Marching Girls. They stayed reliable while they were together; all the songs are good. As more and more ‘70s-era punk is unearthed in the digital age, you’re likely to come across some duds. But this release is solid. As the band was short-lived, they put all their catchy choruses up front. It’s pretty essential. And, unfortunately, expensive. It’s a New Zealand release. If you haven’t heard the AK-79comp, it’s acquirable through illicit means. For our history lesson, bassist/vocalist Brendan Perry went on to form seminal Goth outfit Dead Can Dance. 

 –Billups Allen (Real Groovy)