SCARRED, THE: Live Fast, Die Poor: LP

Huh. They look like fashion punks with their bondage belts and sleeveless vests— on the cover, one guy is actually wearing a dog tag, one of those kinds that are shaped like a dog bone that you get in pet stores, which I find to be absolutely hilarious. The weird thing is that in spite of their coiffed, streetpunk appearance, this sounds a hell of a lot like Green Day. Like, a lot like Green Day. A dead goddamn ringer, actually. As a whole, it’s a little too saccharine for me, and in spite of their few glimmers of potential (the title track reminds me a bit of Nato Coles and his love for belting out the old rock’n’roll) but through repeated listens, I just kept thinking about how guys could cover Dookie in a heartbeat if they wanted to.

 –keith (Jailhouse)