SCARRED, THE: Live Fast Die Poor: CD

Catchy, well-played and produced songs that, in the end, just don’t resonate with me. Reminds me of the stuff I used to hear back in ‘96/’97 on 120 Minutes when they decided to play “punk” music for a second. The singer has just a hint of Billie Joe Armstrong in his voice and there’s a bit of a Rancid feel. You could really look at it like this: if you read the name of this band and their album title and said “Hey, that sounds interesting!” than this record is probably right up your alley. If you let out a slight groan and set it in a rapidly growing review pile that you swear you’re going to get to one of these days, then maybe not so much. I’ll let you be the judge.

 –Ryan Horky (Jailhouse,