Birmingham, England’s Scarred Society delivers a solid sophomore release with this disc of thirteen metal-tinged ragers. Lyrically, they are fairly political and don’t seem afraid to comment on society as a whole, which is kind of refreshing in this age of PC punk rock. I wasn’t a big fan of the sound of the disc. It seems like every track was dipped in a trebly, reverberated sauce during mixdown. This might not be apparent when listening to a track or two at a time, but is pretty noticeable when listening to the whole disc. That said, standout tracks for me were “Skull & Bones,” which deals with the infamous secret society at YaleUniversity, and “Corp-core” which addresses corporate punk rock. There are some regional-type songs that probably don’t have a lot of meaning to American ears such as “False Nationalism” and “ASBO Generation” but are pretty heavy nonetheless. All in all, totally listenable, if crusty English political punk is your cup of tea.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Righteous Anger,, [email protected])