SCARED OF CHAKA: Live at Jays!: 7”EP

Nov 05, 2008

Man, I’d be hating a review of this 7” if I was reading it. Here’s a 7” of five live Scared Of Chaka songs recorded in Montana at a Jays Upstairs that served the quite excellently debilitating Moose Drool beer (and unfortunately closed in 2003). This record was made by the band as a single for one show in Chicago. The line to get the vinyl was longer than the amount of 7”s available. Some people went home vinyl-less. I got one and I wasn’t even within 1,500 miles in the vicinity of the show. (Thanks, Ms. Pants.) It’s awesome. If you already celebrate the entire SOC catalog—as I do—these songs aren’t anything new, but dammit, if they ain’t a party on a platter. It’s sort of like seeing chimpanzees in their native habitat; and they’ve figured out how to light fireworks and throw them right at you.

 –todd (Slovenly)