SCARED OF CHAKA: Crossing with Switchblades: CD

Sep 22, 2009

Of course I'm gonna give this a good review. I'm a huge fan of this band. I don't understand why little girls don't run screaming after Dave and Ron and why every skater in middle America doesn't have a Scared of Chaka sticker on his deck. I don't understand why Scared of Chaka's fame hasn't risen to the point where Chuck Berry is forced to open for them, then, upon hearing what Dave has done to the traditional Chuck Berry riff, Chuck Berry dies just so he can start rolling in his grave. That's how much I like this band - I'm willing to sacrifice Chuck Berry to the altar of rock'n'roll for Scared of Chaka. And am I disappointed with "Crossing Switchblades" because they actually slow the tempo on a couple of songs? Am I cursing them for going to a "big" label like Hopeless and playing the Troubadour? Fuck no. I'm just keeping this CD in high rotation and getting ready to bore legions of new SOC fans with my "I knew them when" speeches.

 –sean (Hopeless)

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