SCARECROW: Amores de Vampiros: 7”

These Helsinkians play “fucking raw horror punkrock shit,” to quote the insert, and, vocally, the singer’s scorched growl is pretty raw, closer kin to fellow Finland band Children Of Bodom than it is to horror punkers 45 Grave or Murderdolls—to cast a wide net—groups which can be gleefully upbeat and whoa-oh laden along the misery imagery, one of the appeals of the genre. The rhythm section on Amores de Vampiros’ A-Side is adrenaline rising, with “MetalScum,” a Scarecrow credo (“Metal scum always straight/street trash or family man”) and “Son of Satan,” bringing no-frills, fast-chugging hardcore, until the breakdown draws out some cool flails and fingertapped solos. The B-Side features “Jesus, Lucifer and Me” and “La Maritza,” with the prior as their chorus-pumping dungeon rocker about an unholy trinity and coming back from the dead (“maybe you – walk with me/maybe you—turn into a zombie”), which is initially fun, though it stumbles into a line about raping a woman with a crucifix, which is tacky misogynist bullshit posing as alternative bro artistic expression. To complete the aesthetic experience, Scarecrow’s Amores de Vampiros comes on “bone white” vinyl.

 –Jim Joyce (82/Horror Shop)