SCARDEY CAT/APATHETIC YOUTH: This Is LA, Not the South Bay: Split 7"

Jul 28, 2009

I'm fearful yet attracted to Scaredy Cat because I get the feeling they've got a good sense of humor, like Spazz did, but I'm not a hundred percent sure where it ends. The first song, "Flag Football," melts Iron Maiden with Charles Bronson: rippin' metal licks and the vocalist shows no fear of slipping into falsettos. But the other four tracks are straight anvils-to-the-nads, three-hooks-in-three-seconds thrash that are seamless and sound angry but have titles like "Don't Stub Your Toe on the Little Guy." Good stuff. Apathetic Youth are straight-ahead angry, have clean vaginas in their thank you list, and have full comprehension of pile-driving thrash villains like Los Crudos, Neos, and Vitamin X. No fault in that.

 –todd (No Label)

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