SCAM #7: $3, 5½” x 8½”, photocopied with letterpress cover, 64 pgs.

Nov 30, 2010

Miami always conjures up images of white sport coats, cocaine, and an airport full of rude Latin American nouveau riche on their way to Disney World. Social justice was not the first thing to come to my mind when I picked up Scam #7, The Return to Miami. Since 2002, it has been home to Art Basel, an event for rich people power-shopping for art. Since 2008, it has been one of the cities most affected by the housing bubble’s burst, with one of the highest percentages of empty condos—no white blazers in the closet and no cocaine on the coffee table. A movement called Take Back the Land attempted to move the homeless into these places. This issue contains a reprint of author Erick Lyle’s coverage of Art Basel for the Miami New Times, expanded with some of the stuff his editors cut out. At the same time, Take Back the Land was meeting with a lot of resistance, which Lyle documents. It is a professionally written, interesting read on a subject pretty much ignored outside of Miami that could be a lesson for other cities. It is thick and densely laid out. Most of it is word processed but parts are hand-written by someone without neat writing, which bugs me. The cover is letter pressed, which I love. (available from Last Gasp, Microcosm, Needles and Pens)

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