SAYYADINA: Mourning the Unknown: CD

Jan 07, 2008

No bullshit, straight kick-in-the-teeth thrash/grindcore. These Swedes pull a no-holds-barred approach to their music. Songs that are so intense with venom that there is no mistaking the anger, all mostly under the two minute mark. If the songs were too long, the attention span would definitely be depleted. Wailing, screamed vocals that probably can blows holes through walls. Masterful, distorted guitar attack that can take you heading banging one minute and thrashing about in another. Drumming that is precise but pounding in speeds that, at times, seem humanly impossible. Bass guitar playing that ties everything together and adds that eerie tone of evil. Not for the weak at heart or someone who is looking for melody. This is music for people who are pissed.

 –don (Sound Pollution)