SAY UNCLE!: Self-titled: CD-R

Feb 26, 2009

The vocalist/guitarist is twelve-years-old and the drummer is thirteen-years-old—the bassist is twenty three years old. Their glossy, full-color one-sheet has a picture of the three of them from an extremely low angle lookin’ hella serious and tough; it also mentions that they are “punk rock prodigies.” There are two dancing skeletons and six skull and crossbones gracing the cover. Needless to say, my expectations weren’t exceptionally high. Regardless of my expectations, these dudes hold it down instrumentally—and the vocals ain’t horrible, especially considering that the average age of the band members is sixteen. Anyhow, these dudes could give The Distillers (Sing Sing…) a run for their money. I don’t care for The Distillers and I doubt I’ll ever listen to this again, but for two hella young dudes to break out some shit this solid is fucking surprising. Also, there are two covers: Bad Brains’ “Big Take Over” (not so great) and the Gits’ “Second Skin” (not so bad).

 –Vincent (Self-released)