SAVES THE DAY: Stay What You Are: CD

Sep 10, 2009

Saves the Day is one of those bands that people tend to namedrop, i.e. “Oh, I just got the new Saves the Day record.” Perhaps the name doesn’t come up as often as Modest Mouse, but it still floats around hopelessly boring conversational exchanges. Despite their reputation, I’ve never actually heard Saves the Day. So, when Stay What You Are arrived in my mailbox, I was struck by an odd curiosity. The next day, I slip the disc into my CD player while driving to work and react like so: “ACK!”… car swerves while attempting not to lose my breakfast… Think pop-punk guitars meet whiny emo vocals spouting the chorus, “At your funeral, I’d sing the requiem/I’d offer you my hand/It hurts too much to see you die.” Perhaps it is wrong to judge an album on the first song, particularly one as insipid as “At Your Funeral.” So, I fight the urge to fling the CD out of my car window and continue the listen. The second and third songs pass without a second thought as it is just sort of the same thing with less annoying lyrics. By the eleventh song, “Firefly,” the album has faded to background music, with the only notable exceptions being “Freakish”-a sweet little melodic ballad and “As Your Ghost Takes Flight,” which is basically the same as the other up-tempo tracks on the album but, for some odd reason or other, comes across as less annoying.

 –liz (Vagrant)

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