SAVANT: La Mancha: LP

Nov 16, 2010

La Mancha is a dirty, scuzzy fucking mess, and for the most part, I mean that as a compliment. They’re throwing out some raucous, atonal, ugly footstompers here that never fully escape the fact—and they’re all the better for it—that this album sounds like it was recorded in a basement somewhere using some questionable amps and 4-track tape recorded over a hundred times or so. The sound quality fits the music perfectly—that scrappiness works entirely in their favor. Couched somewhere between Gravity Records’ love for the atonal, straight-up noise, and Foghorn Leghorn smoking weed in his jam room, La Mancha is a pretty impressive ride, if only for the fact that it consistently unnerved me the whole way through. This one-sided LP’s limited to one hundred copies, has beautiful silkscreen work on the cover and the b-side, and comes with a patch. Savant’s not my thing, not by a long shot, but their aesthetic and care is apparent, and their music does come pretty close to scaring the hell out of me.  –keith (Green Line)