Savage Amused was a Pittsburgh thrash band that originally released the titular demo in 1985. While their sound had its share of the obligatory fast ‘n’ angry mind frame pumped in, there’s a distinct sense of melody infused that doesn’t so much translate into a poppiness as it does lending a level of catchiness amidst the sturm und drang. It’s also interesting to hear a marked level of complexity in the structures, rhythms, and approaches utilized from one song to the next—they ain’t just content to take a ride on the thrash-o-rama railroad right through to the end. The recording’s, well, demo quality raw, but remarkably clear for something three decades old. As with other releases on this label, the packaging is also a hoot, with a large poster crammed with liner notes and pics, plus a download card with the full album and a live set from around the same time. 

 –jimmy (Mind Cure)