Oct 09, 2006

Happily unleashed on Rock N Roll Purgatory, Satan's Teardrops (New Hampshire) and the Legendary Hucklebucks (Pittsburgh) team up to spew punka/rocka/psychobilly en masse. Standard three-chord punkabilly, Satan's Teardrops (new school) really bang the blower (no, not good) with a rickety version of "Crazy Crazy Lovin'" and an uncomfortable cover of "Shame On Me." However, they drop the hammer (good) on their last two chances to impress: "Dark City Lights" and a beyond rockin' rendition of "I Got Stripes." Those two songs are glimmers of hope that maybe the band could always be that good, despite their foul start. Conversely, real punk, real psycho and real 'billy, the Legendary Hucklebucks blister right off the line and all the way down the track, flattening everything in range with a "Hell yeah!" as loud as 315 mph. As exciting and inspiring as Blazing Haley, but with a healthy dollop of East Coast muscle. Artwork by a legend.

 –thiringer (Rock N Roll Purgatory)

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