SASSY!!!: Diggin' Deep: CD

Jul 14, 2011

Grrrl powa! This garage pop duo out of San Francisco employs fuzzy guitar chords and touch me, tease me vocals. It’s obvious these girls dug deep into their repertoire to produce this latest full length. Coloring over the lines into rockabilly and surf, “So Bad It’s Good” uses hand claps and doo wop harmonization while the girls have fun with time signature in “Wild Summer,” slowing down and speeding up the track. Unfortunately, this album loses steam about half way through, pulling heavily from ex-boyfriends and new ones, but this could fit in nicely with those who dig The Kills’ bluesy guitar riffs, the moxy of The Donnas, and the polished surf pop of Blondie.

 –Kristen K (Good Trouble,

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