SASS DRAGONS: New Kids on the Bong: CD

Jul 06, 2010

The Sass Dragons shouldn’t work as a band. Their music’s akin to a food fight at a well-stocked buffet. It should be an unholy, sloppy mess. Blues riffs spalook off of Dwarves-chug-alongs. Reggae openings to songs splash onto and stain the carpet of dirty DIY punk. Saxophone intros juicily horn slide down the bib of a doo wop ditty. There are fast-thrown thrashers, indie rockers (“The Tails of Meow-Meow and Fuck-Fuck”), and banjo solos. What holds it together is the glue of absolute glee. The Sass Dragons, instead of being a gross, entire-random-meal-of-unassociated-music-genres-chucked-into-a-blender-in-order-to-suck-it-through-a-straw-because-we-have-no-identity-of-our-own type band, are like the lead-footed bus drivers of the developmentally challenged bus. They actively encourage the seemingly random outbursts and request that all limbs hang outside the windows while taking the corners so fast that the tires squeal along with you, the listener. Plus, they have a lot of songs about fuckin’ and stalking, which just sweetens the pot. Highly recommended.

 –todd (Johann’s Face)