SASS DRAGONS: New Kids on the Bong: LP

When you pick up an album called New Kids on the Bong, you pretty much lower your expectations and just accept that you’re in for a stoner rock album as stale as the pun that bears its name. But then Sass Dragons have you right where they want you. They exploit your presumptions by hitting you with a barrage of musical styles you did not see coming until you’re willing to accept whatever it is you’re hearing on this album. Thrash punk? Sure. Pop punk love songs? Why not. An acoustic sing-along featuring a banjo? Yeah, fine. A slow jam about a cat? Sounds good. A saxophone solo? Alright. Every song on this album sounds like it was recorded by a different band. Totally eclectic. Slightly weird. All unexpected.

 –Dan Ozzi (It’s Alive/No Breaks)