Jun 20, 2007

Illinois is one lucky state. It houses the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, it lovingly claims the wonderful city of East St. Louis, and they happen to also be home to one of my new favorite bands, the Sass Dragons. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to have received this from Razorcake HQ. Now that Hickey has been gone for a few years, The Bananas don’t seem to ever want to record a new album, and The Minds have disappeared off the map, I am reassured that fun, sloppy, inventive pop punk isn’t going to die along with some of my favorite bands. I actually was surprised that these guys weren’t from the Bay area. There is a distinct feeling I get from their music that I automatically associate with northern California, which I should probably stop doing now. I am finding it really hard not to jump and flail around the living room right now with a huge smile on my face. Now to clarify, the band comparisons above are not entirely accurate, because there will never be a replacement for any of them. The Sass Dragons seem to borrow from the best aspects of each of them, creating a sound original to them. Well, it’s official. My pick for best album of 2006 thus far. PLEASE COME TO PORTLAND, DEAREST SASS DRAGONS!

 –guest (Lets Pretend)

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