Jun 08, 2009

Try this out on a new person or a jaded fuck with easy-to-push buttons. “Dude, have you heard that Black Flag/Dwarves split 7”? Then put this on without letting them see the label or cover. If any eyebrows of incredulity are raised, go, “From ’84. They were playing that Slip It In bullshit and decided to stop wanking around for a couple of songs. The Dwarves were just starting out. Super rare.” If that still doesn’t work, go, “Oh, it was members of Youth Of Today when they lost their edge. The non-Buddhist dudes who didn’t go into Shelter.” But what it really is, is just two great Chicago bands losing their shit in the best possible way, and one of them throws in a Breeders cover that’s mangled like a slow possum on an unrelenting freeway with its dead, popping eye following your every movement.

 –todd (Let’s Pretend, / Cassette Deck,