Jul 25, 2008

I don’t like getting caught up with labels. It seems like too many people get caught up in having, “Well, I’m only into [insert whatever little sub-scene/genre here]” attitudes. What’s great about this record is that the Sass Dragons are clearly not those kind of dudes. At its core, this plays like a crass pop punk record, in the sense that it’s catchy as hell, and switches the ever popular “why don’t girls like me” sentiment with “I WANNA TOUCH YOUR BOOBS, GIRL” approach, which make me crack up while bobbing my head as I listen. But here’s the clincher; these guys are good musicians—like, really good. They know what they’re capable of, and come up with some really creative stuff (like the blues number). Dare I say; I think if The Dwarves did that last album of theirs with the main collaborators being The Beatles (both remaining and non), the output would sound like this. And it sounds great.

 –joe (Johann’s Face/Let’s Pretend)

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