If there is a soundtrack better than this for those S and M folks out there, put it up against this record. Imagine if Q Lazarus recorded more than one song and you’re half way there. Sashcloth And Axes make dark and driving dance floor music, the kind that makes you want to take your pants off before your shirt. Fans of Q Lazarus, dark-wave, and Dark Entries Records will fall in love with this record. The vocals are minimal and mostly consist of sexual moaning. If you mashed up Thriller and some old Clan Of Xymox, this happens. Limited copies come with a very X-rated coloring book where you can connect-the-dots to make a penis, pick different styles of breasts to put on a woman’s chest, and color an illustration of “The Hasselhoff” position next to phrases like, “Color me harder!” 

 –Ryan Nichols (Self-released, no address listed)