SARKYNEET: Mita On Olla Levoton: 7" single

Jul 14, 2011

What?! Only two songs?! One of them being a cover of “Secret Agent Man,” here titled “Vaaksa Vaaraa Vain.” This record is so good!! I want to hear more than a couple songs. It’s like giving you a small taste of your favorite food then taking it away. Arrrggghhhh.... Sarkyneet play tuneful and driving punk with surf influences in the guitar, and some ‘60s pop in the medley. The title track requires repeated listens. I hear there is an LP coming from these folks soon. Should be worth picking up, if this single is any indication. I predict this band will become a big deal in the next couple years. Such a good record...

 –M.Avrg (Combat Rock Industry,