SARJAN HASSAN / DAIG HILA: Redefining DIY: Cassette

May 09, 2012

Someone has to be bummed about the fact that this professionally dubbed cassette has the band names printed on the wrong sides. Had I not bothered to read the lyrics, I may have not known this and given credit to the wrong band. Sarjan Hassan’s co-opting of Nuclear Assault’s logo is quite telling of their thrash metal worship, though this is more evident only in the first two songs. The remainder shred past you in a Japanese (Slight Slappers, Thrash Night-era S.O.B.) sort of way. Great stuff that will raise the eyebrows of Municipal Waste fans. I wish I could say the same for Daig Hila. Their attempt at emo-thrash is unoriginal and, at times, just plain awful. For the record, I like bands like Palatka, but it takes more than just playing faster in this genre to leave a lasting impression.

 –Juan Espinosa (Revulsion,