Jun 08, 2009

I don’t have any recollection of what this band sounds like anymore. I know my old band was on a French comp with them. I initially thought this band was from the U.K. because some of their releases were released in Europe. I came to find out they are from Connecticut. They have had a number of releases put out through the last couple of decades—not just in Europe and the U.S.—but all over, including Japan, Mexico, and Brazil. Boy, these guys got their music listened to around the world. This LP compiles their 2000 demo and live recordings from that year. From reading the back cover, the band had various sounds through the years. This LP focuses on their more straight-up early ‘80s punk sound: snotty with three chord, middle finger in the air attitude. Thoughts of Litmus Green meets Stukas Over Bedrock come to mind.

 –don (Tornado Ride)