SANDAL STOMP: No Fun Intended: Cassette

Jun 06, 2014

I think this thing was wedged inside a nook at Razorcake HQ for about twenty-nine years and finally freed and sent to me. That is no complaint as this is perhaps the most potent batch of DIY hardcore circa 1984 that I have heard in many a moon. These dudes aren’t aping anyone. They just play scrappy, fast hardcore that sounds like it was recorded on a boombox. Again, not a complaint; I actually find that this just adds to the charm that the crappy cover art and hand-scrawled writing on the cassette already gives it. Lyrically, there is nothing too deep going on here: songs about cops, fighting, and boots. Did I mention songs about fighting? I am a total sucker for stuff like this. 

 –Garrett Barnwell (Self-released)