May 26, 2011

This is a wild, dangerous, surf-punk sounding band from Tijuana that’s been going at it for years before putting this out. I would say this colors far enough outside the lines to be comparable to Os Mutantes, in a way. I could really do without the sixth track and the final “secret track,” which are just sampling for two minutes. Their drummer is really into Los Apson, which I think comes through in “Por El Destino,” with its energy and sing along. The general feeling I got from these ten songs is that most of them were good, some were really good, but there lacked a sense of cohesiveness. It almost seemed like they were all from separate recording sessions, not due to the quality of the songs, but to how different they sound from each other. Straight-up Stooges punk, psychedelia, surf: it’s all there, but on different songs. Somehow, when they play live, it doesn’t seem that way and there are moments when it all just comes together.

 –Rene Navarro (San Pedro El Cortez)

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