SAMIAM: Whatever’s Got You Down: CD

Nov 28, 2006

I wish this record was the JFK assassination. Because everyone would remember where they were when they first heard about it. I wish this record was the Zapruder film. Because we’d spend the next forty-plus years analyzing it. More than anything I hope Samiam will finally get their due. Whatever that “due” might be. Be it a million copies sold or recognition outside the legion of snotty ass old timers claiming they used to be better and some snotty ass youngsters claiming their new record should be as big if not bigger than a presidential assassination. Samiam has been away from a studio for over five years and they come out with a new record this year like they’ve spent the time fine-tuning their game. That and playing no fucking shows in the U.S. but touring plenty in Europe and South America. If you liked their last record Astray, you’re a true gentleperson of distinction and you shan’t be disappointed. If you didn’t like Astray, you’re a no class fucking tool.

 –Steve Stephenson (Hopeless)