Same Sex in the City (So Your Prince Charming is Really a Cinderella): By Lauren Levin and Lauren Blitzer, 250 pgs., $14.95 By Maddy

Jan 16, 2007

Maybe my problem with this book is that I: a) don’t like Sex and the City, b) don’t own expensive high heels, and c) would rather stick kill myself than say, let alone write, something like the following (describing the writer coming out to her parents during a tropical vacation): “Am I happy I had my C-Section on the beach in the Turks and Caicos? Yes. That day, I gave birth to a bouncy little thing I named Honesty.”

Wow. This book combines the writing style of a women’s fashion magazine (one of the authors used to work for Teen Vogue), with the “I’m so crazy! I work a corporate job and have a lot of sex!” mentality of, say, The Real World. In fact, it even includes a short piece from a Real World cast member. In other words, why the fuck did they send this to Razorcake?!

If you’re looking for advice about coming out, I’d recommend the following: Put on any Team Dresch record, jump around in your room by yourself until you’ve worked yourself into a frenzy of self-acceptance and hatred-for-dumb-people, and, when you’re danced out, read Two Teenagers in Twenty by Ann Heron.

And, if you’re into fire, I have a, um, collection of paper I could give you.      –Maddy (Simon & Schuster)

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