SALVATION: Mortality Interactions: 12"

Mar 07, 2011

Pennsylvania’s Salvation have tossed a wrench into the hype machine with this record. With the “mysterious guy” craze finally winding down, but hardcore records being churned out overnight by the hundreds, getting by on mere “energy,” Salvation have produced a full-length with all the vim and vigor of their peers, but with an actual depth and continuity of the seasoned band they are. The crushing riffs and tortured, distorted vocals lend themselves to more ambitious cults of the underground, but the drums provide a steady post-punk backdrop to the mess. The album remains mostly mid-tempo, which makes the moments of thrashing in songs like “Parallels of Inheritance” come as genuine surprise. The result is sort of a hardcore version of Joy Division that is somehow both devastating and danceable, but with an intent that remains clear and uninhibited. While some bands in hardcore are taking cues from the bleaker aspects of post-punk as a way to validate their artistic merit, the influence has typically been limited to the visual aids and brief, moody interludes. Salvation, on the other hand, have made no pretense about their craft and have achieved the sound on their own. The results are absolutely beautiful. My favorite record of 2010.

 –Ian Wise (Youth Attack)

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