SALEM RAGES: Disturb Not the Sleep of Death: 7”

Mar 27, 2012

This record comes with a coupon that states: “Free!! We guarantee to bury you without charge if you die of fright during Salem Rages.” I’m writing this review from a shitty coffin that I had to pay for myself because I died of boredom, which isn’t covered. Lame. Salem Rages, despite an awesome band name, puts a little too much effort into being spooky and not enough into writing catchy songs. On first listen, I couldn’t really discern the choruses from the verses. I still can’t on some of the songs. Somewhere amidst all the wispy woooo vocals, the stab stab stab guitars and the tinkle tinkle keys is an awesomely frightening band. I hope they find it by the time they put out the next record, because I love free shit.

 –mp (

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