SAIRAAT MIELET: Controversial History 1988-1992: CD

Sep 27, 2006

Loud, fast and fucked up—can’t ask for much better than that when you’re talking about Finnish hardcore, and these kids deliver on that promise and then some. Two EPs are collected here and both fall somewhere in the “Bermuda Triangle” of hardcore, meaning that if you take Assfort and teach them to play Raw Power’s early set at a Scandinavian hardcore show, you’ll pretty much get this. The whole thing is totally over the top in all the right ways and, best of all doesn’t rely on cheap “blast beat” parlor tricks to up the intensity. The lyrics? They were supposedly a “hard line” straight edge band, but considering the lyrics would be no doubt unintelligible even with a lyric sheet in hand, homeboy could be screaming at me to ingest road apples with a side of peach cobbler and a butane cocktail chaser and I’d be none the wiser.

 –jimmy (Six Weeks)