SAINTE-CATHERINES, THE: The Art of Arrogance: LP

I’m of the opinion that this band got better with age. I think Fire Works, their last full-length, was hands down the best thing they ever did, and it still gets regular listens around here. The Art of Arrogance, their third full-length, is ten years old now. It’s getting the reissue treatment here, and while it’s not my favorite SC record, it’s being repressed for a good reason: Arrogance offers an almost different picture entirely of the band than Fire Works and, in between, Dancing for Decadence. With Arrogance, they were a band still couched somewhere between emo, hardcore, and the musical angularities of stuff like Hot Water Music. The sense of fatigue and world-weariness so prevalent in their later shit is filled instead with an abject fury here: “While living this dream, I become my own fucking nightmare / I never believed in this bloody lie. Head first in what I hate about life.” It’s a furious, thoughtful, jarring record that more than holds up a decade later and manages to have its toes in a few different genres without ever seeming scattered or diluted. Fierce, seething, whip-smart, and probably the last record they did that fully eschewed melody for barbs.

 –keith (Housebreaker)