SAINTE CATHERINES, THE: Dancing for Decadence: CD

Mar 12, 2007

Hey! Another band that flew under my radar and pops up out of nowhere! I see this band has already put out a couple of LPs, an EP and two splits. Where have I been? Clueless, as usual. A posse of six from Montreal, Canada is the culprit of creating this wall of noise. A mixture of small hints of Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, and maybe a double pinch of Strung Out. Melodic, but still hard driving. The production is top-notch in Fat fashion where every instrument is separate and identifiable, but melds as one. The vocal delivery is slightly gruff, but is in key and sung with conviction. The three guitars play a game of Twister with their intertwining harmonies and layers. There is no doubt these guys can play and show some anger in the process. A great introduction to another band I have never heard of before.

 –don (Fat)