Apr 16, 2009

Rare is it when a release renders me completely speechless. This, my friends, is just such a release and it managed to do so with the first two tracks alone. The songs in question, “All of God’s Creatures Are Delicious with Beer” and the ode to bacon “You Picked A Swine Time to Eat Me and Squeal,” are just so goddamned WRONG in these hyper-sensitive, post-PC times, where even thinking about a ham sandwich relegates you to the lower echelons of ünter-dickdom. S’aint Willy and his cohorts are headed straight to H-E-DUBBLE-HOCKEYSTICKS, no doubt. Thank goodness they’ve provided those of us sure to follow them, clutching our pastramis on rye, with the perfect soundtrack on our way down into the abyss. Now, the real trick is to figure out which of my vegan buddies deserves a copy of this next Xmas.

 –jimmy (www.kaom.com)